Our trendsetter designers create state-of-art clothing with each piece of our collection. We aim to fulfill the need of our customers by analyzing their brand strategy and following the new season feedback reports and offering cost effective solutions.


With the feedback coming from our customers, our design team forms boards and capsules for customer review. Once our customers decide about the fabrics and styles they like, we immediately take action to prepare the product samples in 3-4 business days at most.


Following the receipt of the order, the sourcing stage starts with requesting the selected quality of fabrics and accessories from our approved partners. We supervise 4 point checks to make sure that all the raw materials meet the required standards and to be accepted ready for production.


Our approved facilities applies additional control procedures to assure quality of the fabrics and accessories. We supervise all the stages such as cutting, sorting, sewing, in-line control, ironing and finishing to achieve a smooth and efficient production. If needed, embroidery and printing stages can also be included to the production flow.

Quality Control

At different stages of our supply chain we apply quality control procedures from sourcing to delivery of the orders. Our certified Quality Control staff applies in-line and finishing controls to meet the quality requirements of our customers.  We also apply product safety procedures such as metal free policy to deliver the best quality products.

Ethical and Sustainable Standards

We improve our supply chain to implement positive environmental and social benefits by decreasing our ecological footprint and improving the working conditions. Collaborating with our customers and our suppliers we aim to influence change to receive the ultimate goal of Creating Ethical Rights and Environmental Sustainability.