Cerescares was founded in 2012 as a global textile supplier by and around an expert team with a combined experience of over 25 years in the industry. With a vision of continuous development, we aim to provide premium service and to achieve ultimate customer satisfaction. Combining fast and trendsetter design options with a sustainable approach at all levels of operation, Cerescares embraces a new, ethically responsible way of professionalism that benefits its customers, shareholders and most importantly, the whole planet. 

Inspired by the Roman goddess of nature, Ceres cares about the sustainability of nature and considers every “green” product as a new beginning, a new life or rebirth.

 A rebirth from nature reminds us that although things are always changing as the seasons pass by, we can always rely on a new spring as long as we manage to preserve our roots and protect our precious soil. With this in mind, Cerescares adapts a mission to capture nature in a wearable form. Maximizing the bond between mother nature and the human body, Cerescares offers a wide spectrum of environmentally friendly garments.

Why we are the best partner for you?

  • Cerescares is a design based supplier, headquarter is located in Istanbul with designers in the UK.
  • Cerescares is working with all major yarn and fabric suppliers from different sources in Turkey.
  • Almost all kinds of fabric chemical finishes are available in Turkey and branded treatments are also possible.
  • We offer high quality standards, on-time delivery and best services though dealing only with best factories in the countries we operate.
On-time delivery