At Cerescares, ‘sustainability’ is the core of our company culture. We aim to contribute to the sustainable and healthy life style with being respectful to all living beings and nature. Our commitment to sustainability enables us to implement actions for decreasing our ecological footprint, improving our ethical standards by CSR activities, aiming for a transparent supply chain and meeting the highest operational standards. We perform inhouse CSR audits to protect the health and safety of the workers in our supply chain. We look for solutions to improve energy efficiency and choose environmentally friendly fibers from reliable sources and non-hazardous chemicals in our processes.


It is hopeful that each day the number of people with ecological awareness who adopt a sustainable life style, is increasing. Cerescares looks at the future with a principle of resecting humans, nature and all living beings while fostering this hope. With the collaboration with our employees, suppliers and customers we believe that a sustainable future is possible. 

How we do matters – Our commitment to Sustainability

Raw materials

We are looking for innovative and up-to-date sustainable alternatives of fabrics from sources such as Better Cotton, Recycled and Organic cotton, Recycled polyester, sustainable produced wood based fibers and many more to produce earth-care clothing.

Ethical Standards

We regularly monitor our supply chain and assure ethical standards with CSR activities such as no forced labour, no harrasment or abuse, anti-bribery and corruption, no child or illegal labour, complying legal requirements on compensation, wages and benefits and many more.

Environmental Impact

We implement process optimization, waste management and responsible sourcing in order to decrease our carbon and water consumption. As a member of Higg Index, we monitor our impact and follow targets to improve all stages of our supply chain.


Partnership for Sustainable Textiles

Social and Labour Convergency Program

Türkiye Kurumsal Sosyal Sorumluluk Derneği

We are proud to work with Members of The Better Cotton Initiative/BCI