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Sustainable Clothing

We aim to provide

It is vital for us to understand the needs of our customers and support them with daily trends and custom-made solutions.

Effective Communication

Collaborating with our customers and our suppliers for result-oriented teamwork

Price and Performance Balance

Delivering the desired requests and services with cost-effective resources

Best Fashion Trends

Visioning the sustainable future of fashion with circular designs

High Quality Standards

Improved standards to meet the purpose of the products and processes

Sustainable Solutions

Challenging our supply chain to implement a sustainable way of working

Ethical Practices – CSR

Creating positive social benefits and improved working conditions

We manage a Supply Chain!

A new approach to
supply management

‘Sustainability’ is the core of our company culture. We aim to contribute to the sustainable and healthy life style with being respectful to all living beings and nature.

Our commitment to sustainability enables us to implement actions for decreasing our ecological footprint, improving our ethical standards by CSR activities, aiming for a transparent supply chain and meeting the highest operational standards. We perform inhouse CSR audits to protect the health and safety of the workers in our supply chain. We look for solutions to improve energy efficiency and choose environmentally friendly fibers from reliable sources and non-hazardous chemicals in our processes.

Our vision is to aim sustainability for our supply chain, creating energy wise self-sufficient premises by being open to technological and communicational innovations.

Hakan Cemal, CEO

We are purpose-driven!

Our Services Include

Our entreprenerual motivation with 25 years of experience enables us meeting the demands of our customers starting from design of the product and completing all stages of supply chain with the assurance of ethical and environmental standards.





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